Mission & Vision

Ensure Career Guidance (P) Limited, A subsidiary of National Institute For Career Education (NICE) was set up with strategic aims:
  • To formulate and implement policies governing the provision of career education and guidance.
  • To develop innovative, appropriate and effective methods and materials for career development that enable informed educational, training and occupational choices;
  • To provide an interface and vital networking channel with greater collaboration, cooperation and cohesion for a diverse and fragmented community of Career Advisory Professionals;
  • To devise and conduct relevant research and practices for the preparation of authentic, evidence based and measurable career development tools, technology and resources.
  • To provide a forum for disseminating effectively its findings and co-ordinating communication with other bodies engaged in similar activities;
  • To provide training and continuing education programs for Career Advisory Professionals who assist people make career decisions with up to date knowledge of career education pathways and labour market data;

To collaborate with schools, colleges, universities, training institutions, government agencies and other voluntary or private sectors to build an excellent careers education system so that people have wider access to the information they need to make successful transitions into learning and work;

  • To advocate that all people who need career development services can receive it from competent and trained career guidance professionals;
  • To work with policy makers to formulate a basic quality standard of career guidance services in our country.
  • Providing exceptional ealue In Career Development has heen a hornerstone objective of the organisation. our programme and advisors have just one specific focus "excellence in career development". we live and breathe career guidance nothing else gets in the way.

The Mission Of Ensure Career Is To Assist Individuals Of Any Age And At Any Point Throughout Their Lives With Appropriate Tools And The Opportunity To Make The Best Possible Choices About Life Direction, Career And Education Pathway

We Believe That "Right Guidance At The Right Time" Improves The Chances Of Success In One's Life. Easy Availability And Systematic Presentation Greatly Enhance The Use Of Guidance Services.