Career by choice not by chance

In a comprehensive survey conducted by NICE some common characteristics have been found regarding career selection:

Uncertainty: When asked about their career choice, general reaction of students is "let’s see what happens".

Hypothetical: Some of the students have unrealistic and imaginary career ambitions

Imitation: Most of the students imitate the crowds and follow their classmates blindly or go along casual, half-baked advice of family members, relatives, friends, etc.

Parental wish: Some parents try to fulfil their own desires through their children and resolve that "due to some reasons I couldn't become an Engineer, Doctor or Govt. Officer but I will make my child the same at any cost."

Career Awareness

Due to lack of Career Awareness, most of the students and parents just think about 9-10 careers and do not pay much attention to other available opportunities. Do you know about careers like Arboriculturist, Reflexologist, Podiatrist, Paraplanner, Paleontologist, Osteopath, Orthoptist, Ergonomists, Allocationist, etc?

We provide more than 2000 occupational details with videos to keep students aware about the world of work and to connect course subjects with careers.

Career Explorer: Career by choice not by chance

In this fast moving age of globalisation, students are not aware about the world of work and cardinal facts about the occupations. At one hand there is a glut in the traditional careers and on the other hand there is really dearth of professionals in specialised sectors.

Most of the students are not aware about the occupations like: Arboriculturist, Reflexologist, Podiatrist, Paraplanner, Palaeontologist, Osteopath, Orthoptist, Ergonomists, Cartographer, Listening Officer, etc. Due to lack of career education in schools and colleges, students finds their subjects boring because they don’t know why they are studying Geography, Chemistry, Economics, etc. From our case studies it was established that motivation andsuccess rates improve exponentially, when students relate subjects with careers. This is why we have compiled more than 1500 career details and videos, linking careers with Subject, Skills, Activities, Abilities, Attitude, Aptitude, Traits and Work Contexts.