CERTC is an apex professional council for professionals working in careers education, information,
advice, guidance and career management. We encourage and support individuals working in the sector (members and non-members alike) to attain the highest training and professional standards in career development.
The CERTC provides a wide range of professional training opportunities that are of benefit to members and the wider career
development sector to maintain National Occupational Standards of Career Advisory Professionals, which are enumerated below:


  •    Develop and apply understanding of theory and effective practice in career development
  •    Reflect on, develop and maintain own skills and practice in career development
  •    Build and maintain relationships with individuals to ensure a client-centred approach to career development
  •    Support individuals to identify and explore their career development needs and aspirations
  •    Enable individuals to set appropriate goals and career development objectives
  •    Deliver individual and group development through career-related learning
  •    Enable individuals to use and apply information for career development
  •    Provide ongoing support to help individuals achieve their career goals and development objectives
  •    Help individuals evaluate their progress and achievement and plan for the future
  •    Lead and manage career development work in an organisation
  •     Improve services to individuals by collaborating with others
  •    Enable individuals to access referral opportunities
  •    Represent individuals’ needs to others
  •    Plan and design the service offer
  •    Promote the availability, value and effectiveness of the service offer
  •    Monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the service offer
  •    Plan and undertake research on behalf of the service