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Register of Career Advisory Professionals

As the lead sector council, we manage the Indian Register of Career Advisory Professionals, also referred to as the CAP Register. Although registration is voluntary, qualified professionals are strongly encouraged to join.

The Register of Career Advisory Professionals is the single national point of reference for ensuring and promoting the professional status of career development professionals across the whole sector to other members of the profession, their customers and employers, as well as policy makers, funders and all other stakeholders.


Proving that you are a professional

Joining the Register of Career Advisory Professionals (CAP) demonstrates that you are professionally certified in a career development, adhere to the careerlinked Code of Ethics and undertake and record a minimum of 25 hours of professional training and practice each year.

You can then call yourself a Registered Career Advisory Professional and use the careerlinked logo.

The Register isn’t just for private practitioners. It is for everyone providing career development services, including managers and trainers. Private practitioners use it to advertise their services via the Find a Career Advisory Professional facility. If you are employed you can also do this by adding your personal profile showing what services are offered by your company. which will be used by schools, colleges and learning providers looking to find registered professionals in their area. It will list those people who are on the Register and companies employing certified Career Advisory Professionals. Using the Registered Career Advisory Professional logo are important ways of promoting your professional status. Notable features of a profession include:

Promoting the work of the profession

  •    Membership Fee
  •    Annual membership fee is Rs 1500/- only.
  •    Process:
  •    Fill up the Registration form
  •    Provisional Career Advisory Professional (PCAP)
  •    Give online test

Provisional registration is available for those undergoing training.

  •     Certified Career Advisory Professional (CCAP)
  •    You must be a certified Career Advisory Professional to get your name registered in the CAP-Register.
You must:
Make a public commitment to uphold the Code of Ethics of the careerlinked and understand how to apply ethical considerations to your work
Be able to evidence your competence as a career advisory professional
Make a commitment to your own continuous professional development and advancement of your professional knowledge and
understanding, including meeting specific careerlinked requirements for maintaining registration
Be currently practising as a career advisory professional, recently qualified or seeking employment in the sector. This includes managers and trainers.
If you have any questions relating to the above please contact
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